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Tracy J. Butler is the artist and author responsible for the creation of Lackadaisy. When she's not working on Lackadaisy (I know, right?) she works as a 2D and 3D artist on stuff that has nothing to do with Lackadaisy. You can find out more about that by looking it up on her FAQ. Tracy has worked with digital art for over 10 years.[1]

Development of Lackadaisy began as early as 1994, when Tracy, as a grade-schooler, painted very early depictions of Rocky and Mitzi. They can be seen in "Protocats".

Her thoughts on holding babies herself are summed up in "Loaf Baby".

In the comic

Tracy has created a fictionalized version of herself. In several of the Previews, Tracy interviews various Lackdaisy characters, attempting to learn the answers to questions that have been posed to her by fans of the comic.