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Lackadaisy is a comic created by Tracy Butler. The comic is named after the speakeasy that serves as one of the central locations. After being asked whether Tracy has conversations with the characters in her head, she drew "Conversations", in which she notes that she just eavesdrops upon them. Tracy has stated that the cats that serve as the main characters are essentially stand-ins for humans. Non-felines are standard animals.[1] Tracy has stated that the comic will consist of either four volumes or three with an extra-large third volume, and that she set it following Atlas's death because she felt that would offer better storytelling opportunities than telling the story of a speakeasy at its high point.[2][3] While the bulk of the published comic has been set in 1927, Tracy has indicated that Volume 3 will go further into the future.[4] Much of the work of creating Lackadaisy is done by Tracy in a spare bedroom in her house.[4]

Tracy posts announcements regarding updates to the comic at an RSS feed, a Twitter account, a Facebook account and her DeviantArt page.

In addition to the primary comic, there have been several offshoots that have expanded upon the comic in some manner, though these are often difficult to reconcile with the existing continuity.

They include-

  • Interviews - A fictionalized version of Tracy asks the Lackadaisy characters questions that the readers have posed to her.
  • Tutorials - In which Tracy offers advice and pretty pictures detailing how she does what she does.

A listing of source materials that Tracy has used for reference can be found here.