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This is a list of the artwork featured in the "Early Concept Art" section of the Gallery on the main Lackadaisy site. A brief description and significance to the overall storyline is included.

Name of Art Description
"Rocky Rickaby" Early design work for Rocky.
"Calvin "Freckle" McMurray" Early design work for Freckle. Based on a real cat.
"Mitzi May" Early design work for Mitzi.
"Wick Sable" Early design work for Wick. One sketch is dated October 1929.
"Ivy Pepper" Early design work for Ivy. Also based on a real cat.
"Mordecai Heller" Early design work for Mordecai.
"Serafine Savoy" Early design work for Serafine.
"Nico Savoy" Early design work for Nico.
"Trouble Boys" Rocky has a rough day...before shooting off part of his ear. Freckle's trouble with guns and failing out of the police academy established.
"After-party" Mitzi, Rocky and Freckle passed out together.
"Tiddlywinks" Why Calvin is called Freckle. Mitzi and Wick, Freckle playing Tiddlywinks, Rocky playing his fiddle.
"Slipshod" Rocky and Freckle are burying Sammy Scruggs. Rocky waxes poetic. First appearance of Nina. Early comic format experiment.
"Gallimaufry" Various sketches, including a color image of Viktor.
"Balderdash" Rocky, Freckle and Wick are discussing whether Mitzi killed Atlas. Wick refers to Mitzi as "Mitz". Another layout test.
"Rumrunner" An early draft of "Rumrunner".