This is just a small compilation of historical terms, slang, and lexicon from the comic. Anything specific to Lackadaisy is marked with an asterisk. I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things here, but I'll try to keep this list updated.

Browning Automatic Rifle
Big Muddy
the Missouri River
giggle water, panther sweat, juice, hooch, moonshine, coffin varnish. By whatever moniker or variety, bootleg is illegal liquor.
the middleman who procures illegal liquor and sells it.
an ethnic group descended from Acadians who migrated from Nova Scotia to Louisiana. (Say 'Acadian' fast enough, and you'll understand the etymology). The dialect they speak is derived mostly of Cajun French and English.
bull, buck, lad, sheik, daddy, palooka, fella. All social status, age and behavioral connotations aside, it's a guy.
Thompson sub-machine gun, also called a Tommy gun.
an ambiguous term for a speakeasy operation.
a girl who behaves and dresses according to the fashions and youth culture of the 1920s.
usually refers to an old Model-T Ford, but could mean any old or broken-down car.
A Model-A Ford sedan with four doors, the 'Tudor' being a two door model.
perhaps the most amusing term for 'legs' I've ever heard. Used almost exclusively in reference to women's legs.
hoodlum, a gangster.
a gun, as in 'packing iron.'
a slang term used to dismiss something as trivial. (Merwyn Bogue adopted it as a pseudonym for his part in Kay Kyser's College of Musical Knowledge.)
Jazz Age
generally refers to the period between WWI and WWII, encompassing the Roaring 20's and the Great Depression, during which jazz music became immensely popular.
bearcat, tomato, dame, doll, jane, vamp, sheba. When you get right down to it, in varying degrees of attractiveness, dangerousness and feistiness, it's a girl.
it's both the name of the bootlegging operation established by Atlas May, and the gang that runs the operation.
*Little Daisy
the name of the café established by Atlas May. It serves as a front for the Lackadaisy Speakeasy, which exists underneath it.
'well', a common way for a Cajun to begin a sentence.
a well-funded, high class bootlegging operation and major Lackadaisy rival.
Muddy Miss
Old Man River, The Big River, The Mighty Mississippi.
if you're splifficated, tanked, hosed, zozzled, plastered, embalmed or ossified, you've had too much to drink.
the period of US history between 1920 and 1933 during which the sale, import and manufacture of alcohol was made illegal as outlined by the Volstead Act and established by the 18th Amendment to the Constitution. The production and sale of alcohol became an underground business as a result of the legislation and a trend of unprecedented organized crime followed.
derogatory term commonly used by city-dwellers to refer to unsophisticated country folk.
one who smuggles illegal liquor across borders, usually by boat.
the pickup and delivery boys who taxi liquor from the rumrunners to the speakeasies. When there's competition in town, being quick on one's feet, armed to the gills and certifiably insane are job requirements.
also called a 'gin mill' or 'joint', a speakeasy is an illegal, secret place to partake of a drink (or two or three). During Prohibition, speakeasies came in all shapes, sizes and degrees of sophistication. They could be found in cellars, abandoned buildings, privately owned homes, barns or any number of other discreet places.
a knife
Springfield M1903 rifle.
The Great War
World War I
invented in the 1890's, the object of the game is to use your squidger to flip some winks into a cup. It is perhaps the greatest waste of time known to man...which accounts for its timeless popularity.
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