Viktor by von Adler

A wartime drawing of Viktor, apparently before he forgot how to smile. Von Adler, who certainly knows his Great War history, provides this background information he conceptualized to accompany the drawing:

"Viktor as a Tizedes (Corporal) in the Royal Hungarian Army, late may 1916 (as Slovakia was part of the Kingdom of Hungaria part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire). Happier times, before (at least in my semi-deranged mind), fighting in the Brusilov Offensive, being wounded and captured, volunteering for the Czechoslovak Legion, fighting the Bolcheviks, getting to the Pacific Sea, being transported by American ships, volunteering for the Allied Force occupying Romanov-na-Murman (later Murmansk), when drunk of course (explaining the scrapbook photo of him in American gear)."

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