Congratulations to the winners of the Halloween Art Contest!

The full breakdown of winners and runners up is here.
Pictured above are thumbnails from TheNinjaArtist's and Yokoden8's winning entries.

And the full collection of submissions is here!  Check it out! There's such an array of skillful, clever, creative, hilarious things therein.  A very sincere thank you to everyone who participated. I hope you all had a blast. As for me,there was simply no better way to spend Halloween this year than looking at your amazing work!
Halloween Glitterbomb
Happy Halloween, everyone!

Doggerel and Storm

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Also - A Halloween Art Contest!  Click the image for details or visit the Lackadaisy Discord and see #public_annoucements.
Halloween Art Contest

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Lackadaisy Consignment
Lackadaisy Consignment
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